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NYTRO Southern Tier            

  Code of Ethics

Always wear protective gear while riding

Always wear a helmet

Never ride alone

No drugs or alcohol while riding

Ride within your limitations

Respect the environment - stay on the trails

Register and insure your machine (state law)

Respect the rights of others

Less noise equals more trails


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Here are some pics taken at the Drags Appreciation Picnic at Chemung, NY.

Picnic-Brian_on_a_mission_Gary-mission_impossible.jpg (99895 bytes) Picnic-Dan-Teri-Pam.jpg (87272 bytes)
Picnic-McDonalds_chefs.jpg (81461 bytes) Picnic-NYTROkids.jpg (98814 bytes)
Picnic-Paddle Boats.jpg (75991 bytes) Picnic-Paddle Boats2.jpg (63295 bytes)
Picnic-PaddleBoats3.jpg (53121 bytes) Picnic-takin_a_quick_spin.jpg (81678 bytes)
Picnic-talk_to_the_hand.jpg (82481 bytes) Picnic-Teri-Pam.jpg (89122 bytes)
Picnic-TikiBar.jpg (89883 bytes)


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